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Bracken Ridge State School together with Austnews provide our interactive full colour electronic newsletter, delivered direct to your inbox.

If you would like to receive the school newsletter please email your request to Carol Fisher at

Newsletter 20th September 2018.pdfNewsletter 20th September 2018Newsletter 20th September 201820/09/20183524 KB
Newsletter 10th September 2018.pdfNewsletter 10th September 2018Newsletter 10th September 201810/09/20182942 KB
Newsletter 9th August 2018.pdfNewsletter 9th August 2018Newsletter 9th August 20189/08/20183035 KB
Newsletter 26th July 2018.pdfNewsletter 26th July 2018Newsletter 26th July 201827/07/20182535 KB
Newsletter 21st June 2018.pdfNewsletter 21st June 2018Newsletter 21st June 201821/06/20182880 KB
7th June 2018.pdfNewsletter 7th June 20187th June 20187/06/20183024 KB
Newsletter 24th May.pdfNewsletter 24th MayNewsletter 24th May24/05/20182949 KB
Newsletter 10 May 2018.pdfNewsletter 10th May 2018Newsletter 10 May 201817/05/20183676 KB
Newsletter 26th April 2018.pdfNewsletter 26th April 2018Newsletter 26th April 201826/04/201853 KB
Newsletter 13th March 2018.aspxNewsletter 13th March 201813/03/20182 KB
Newsletter 1 March 2018.pdfNewsletter 1 March 2018Newsletter 1 March 20181/03/20182756 KB
Newsletter 15th February 2018.pdfNewsletter 15th February 2018Newsletter 15th February 201816/02/20182704 KB
Newsletter 23rd November 2017.pdfNewsletter 23rd November 2017Newsletter 23rd November 20171/02/20182927 KB
Newsletter 7th December 2017.pdfNewsletter 7th December 2017Newsletter 7th December 20171/02/20183588 KB
Newsletter 1st February 2018.pdfNewsletter 1st February 2018Newsletter 1st February 20181/02/201868 KB
9th November 2017.pdf9th November 20179th November 20179/11/20172680 KB
Newsletter 26th October 2017.pdfNewsletter 26th October 2017Newsletter 26th October 201726/10/20173680 KB
Newsletter 12 October 2017.pdfNewsletter 12/10/2017Newsletter 12 October 201712/10/20173907 KB
Newsletter - 31 August 2017.pdfNewsletter 31st August 2017Newsletter - 31 August 201731/08/20173227 KB
Newsletter 17th August 2017.pdfNewsletter 17th August 2017Newsletter 17th August 201718/08/20173478 KB
Newsletter 20th July 2017.pdfNewsletter 20th JulyNewsletter 20th July 201720/07/20173187 KB
Newsletter 22 June 2017.pdfNewsletter 22 June 2017Newsletter 22 June 201722/06/20172953 KB
Newsletter 8 June 2017.pdfNewsletter 8 June 2017Newsletter 8 June 20178/06/20174935 KB
Newsletter 25th May 2017.pdfNewsletter 25th May 2017Newsletter 25th May 201725/05/20172979 KB
Newsletter 11 May 2017.pdfNewsletter 11 May 2017Newsletter 11 May 201711/05/20171372 KB
Newsletter 27th April.pdfNewsletter 27th AprilNewsletter 27th April28/04/2017535 KB
Newsletter 16th February 2017.pdf16th February 2017Newsletter 16th February 201716/02/20171287 KB
20th October 2016.pdfNewsletter 20/10/201620th October 201620/10/20161143 KB
Newsletter 06.10.2016.pdfNewsletter 06/10/2016Newsletter 06.10.20166/10/20161776 KB
Newsletter - 9 September 2016.pdfNewsleter - 09-09-2016Newsletter - 9 September 20169/09/20162027 KB
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